Wednesday, January 15, 2014

John Frusciante and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez team up? I can get behind this.

Literally two of the most crazy musicians I can think of have come together to create their own breed of ramblingly insane electro sub-hyper megalomaniacle indy-pop rave shock-tramp super jazz. I can support an announcement like this.

All involved have said this won't be just a glitzy super group for post career-height 2nd round groupy tang. The band mates are also from some relatively high profile LA acts. And they totally have a girl! This seems like a group that could be just overall disturbing. In a good-for-you way like eating at Taco Bell.

The EP drops on March 4th and you can pre-order on the Neurotic Yell Records bandcamp!

Spank that cave man deer-horse!