Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Childish Gambino - Camp

Trees. Motherfucker.
Donald Glover ain't just that guy you saw on Community. That show is the shit, and that's true. He's trying to tell you he's got more goin' on than that. And he does. M#th$r F*uck#r.

Gambino is doing a Kanye impression here, nobody is arguing that. However, I might go so far as to say I prefer Glover's impression to the real thing 30% of the time. If this is the type of protégé we can expect Kanye to leave in his wake, we're in for a bright and Kanye-sounding future ahead of us. I got no problem with that. See "Backpackers" and "Fire Fly."

Donald went to chorus class this year. I'm still humming the Fire Fly chorus. The opening track also has a wonderfully orchestrated vocal chorus, in addition to the autobiographical content that I always like from Donald. The hits from the EP are here, some of them nearly the same as they appeared before, some reworked. Surprisingly, those tracks don't feel like the records major contenders.

The record has a lot of singing on it, and it seems like Donald is getting pretty good at it. Or was already very good at it? Amazing what some light chorus and a few double tracks can do. Maybe I'll sing on my next record. Maybe I'll copy Kanye too. Fuck it, I'll be the white James Franco. He's already white? Nah, I got this one Franco.

Ready for some gems? Check this out:
I’m so broke man Scholarship apologyFacebook messages from college kids who hollerin. Girls like "We love you, we go to LSU." "You gotta do a show so we can come and molest you."
The reason that they say i'm nothin' what they seen or heard's The same reason will smith always opposite latino girls They only see you how they wanna see you 'Til you make them see you in some other way
Ooh. You killin it Childish Gambino. I can get on board with this record. It's like the EP grew up and ended up being a badass adult who can sing and shoot guns and drink tequila. The only complaint lingering in my mind after a few listens is how out of place and unnecessary the story at the end feels. It's an autobiographical telling of a story about Donald going to camp when he was 13 and how embarrassing the bus ride home was. Write a book Donald, I'd read that mother fucker.

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