Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fitz and the Tantrums - More Than Just a Dream

Looks like a heart. Sounds like a time machine.
First things first, this record shouldn't exist. It literally came from the 80's through as-of-yet undiscovered scientific means. I tried burning it with fire, and banishing it to the negative zone. I cursed it with a mouse skeleton and some incense, and then I eventually broke down and finished listening to it. It made me regret the third and fourth sentences.

This record is pretty great. It's bleeding soul, and echoing great rhythms from a time when music was literally supported by a platform made of cocaine-mortared bricks of more cocaine.

The whole thing is reeking of delightfully good musicianship. The guitar riffs are as infectious as the vocal melodies. Ok, no they're not. But in their defense, these guys should just be called "Soulful White Guy" the band. Plus check this guy out:
Too smooth for gravity.

I could just look at this picture instead of listening to the record, and I'd still give it a 8 out of 10. What I'm saying is this group really has it's act together. They look good, they sound good. Just like a band should, you know? Looking at this release against some of the other charting throwback music, namely the Daft Punk release from earlier this year, I'd say we're in for some awesome pseudo 70's and 80's sounding records in the near future. I like it, this is a trend I can get behind. I'm so happy about it, I gave myself a stupid looking haircut last week. My logic allows me to believe that I may have effectively doubled my creative output potential, but time will tell.

Coming forward from the last record, they've definitely transitioned from purely a soul act displaced in time. There's some soaring modern synths on parade here, and some big fake 808's, which means this thing is basically club ready out of the box. No remixing required. Who am I kidding, stand by for an influx of remixes the likes of which this blog has never seen.

Killer harmonies on here. Keep your ears open for "The Walker" and "Fool's Gold."
Final Word: 10 out of 11 Blonde Hair Locks.

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